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Upgrade Your Furniture: Re-Upholstering vs. Buying New

Are you contemplating whether to re-upholster your existing sofa or chair or opt for buying new furniture? We understand that this decision can be challenging, but we’re here to provide clarity. If you love your current furniture, find it comfortable, and it boasts a solid frame and good quality, re-upholstering is undoubtedly worth it. Not only can you repair springs, pad the arms, and replace flattened seat cushions, but you’ll also be amazed at how refreshed and renewed your piece will look. Just add it to your Shopping Cart

But wait, there’s more! Re-upholstering offers an array of advantages that buying new furniture simply can’t match. The most significant advantage is the freedom to choose from a vast selection of fabrics, far beyond what you’ll find at mainstream retailers. Let your creativity shine as you personalize your furniture with a unique look that reflects your style and preferences.

At our company, we specialize in re-upholstering various types of furniture, from French Louis-style chairs to art deco sofas and modern designs. Our skilled team possesses the expertise to handle different styles and eras, ensuring your upholstery needs are met with excellence. In particular, we take pride in our specialized service of restoring antique traditional upholstery. By preserving the intricate craftsmanship and charm of antique pieces, we ensure their historical value and beauty endure.

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For more information on our comprehensive upholstery services and to view examples of our completed projects, we invite you to visit the website of our sister company, Hammonds Upholstery. There, you’ll find a showcase of our expertise in transforming furniture into stunning works of art. Turn your Shopping Cart into a reality!

In summary, if you have a deep affection for your furniture, find it comfortable, and know it was well-made, re-upholstering is a wise investment. Revitalize your beloved pieces while enjoying a wide range of fabric choices. Whether you’re seeking modern designs. The restoration of antique upholstery, our skilled team is ready to help you achieve the perfect look. Contact us today to embark on your upholstery journey and breathe new life into your furniture.