Poker & Gaming Tables

We offer for the highest quality poker and gaming tables for the professional club or serious home venue.

High quality custom gaming tables

Our custom gaming tables are of the highest quality, surpassing your expectations. These tables are unlike cheap, flimsy imports. We use up to 50mm MDF in our tabletops as a result making them heavy and long-lasting. Forget about easily worn-out tables. Our durable construction ensures they can handle intense gaming sessions.

Safety is paramount. We strictly follow CRIB 5 fire regulations for our fabric, vinyl, and leather. Our materials meet or exceed safety standards. You can trust our gaming tables to prioritize your safety while immersing you in the gaming experience.

But that’s not all. We offer customization options, allowing you to personalize your table. Choose different designs, finishes, and colors to match your style. Our skilled craftsmen pay attention to every detail to bring your vision to life.

Investing in our custom gaming tables means investing in quality. No more disappointment with flimsy tables. Upgrade to our robust and reliable tables built for competitive gaming. Elevate your gaming experience with a stylish and sophisticated custom table. Get ready to level up your gaming sessions with our exceptional tables.

Built to your specification

Whether you need a compact 6-seat round table or a full casino-sized kidney table, our custom gaming tables are tailored to your exact specifications. You have a wide range of options to choose from, including the shape, size, height, number of cut outs, base type, up stands, and down stands. Additionally, you can select your preferred material for the tops, whether it’s fabric, vinyl, or leather.

In addition to our tables, we offer extra accessories such as cash boxes and chip trays, should you require them. These optional additions enhance the functionality and convenience of your gaming setup.

With our user-friendly customization process, you can effortlessly create the perfect gaming table that suits your needs and preferences. From start to finish, we guide you through the selection process, ensuring every detail is accounted for.

Experience the joy of playing on a custom gaming table that is made specifically for you. No compromises. No limitations. Just pure gaming satisfaction. Elevate your gaming experience with a table that ticks all the boxes, designed with precision and tailored to your desires.


Our range of custom tables start at a very reasonable price of £795.00.

For more details or to discuss your dream table please call 01302 618228 or email  or Visit our Website

Below are some pictures of poker / gaming tables we have made to customers orders.