Bar Seating

In addition to our standard stool tops, we offer a recover service and new bar seating for bars, clubs, pubs, and restaurants. Whether you need repairs, want to freshen up your tired interior, or refit new seating, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Regarding Contract Seating and Sub Contract Seating, the primary contractors are responsible for the drawings and specifications. We do not assume any responsibility for installation or correct fitment unless agreed upon in writing beforehand. The main contractor should inspect and approve the seating before leaving the workshop. We cannot be held responsible for fitment or damage incurred afterward.

It is the main contractor’s or customer’s responsibility to ensure that the materials and coverings meet current fire regulations.

Any changes to the specification after manufacturing has started will incur additional charges.

Contract Seating / Sub-Contract Seating

Any damage or alterations after the completion of the work, including on-site work, will be subject to charges. We reserve the right to decline on-site work unless agreed upon in advance, and such work will be billed at the current hourly rate, including travel expenses. If the work exceeds ten hours, overnight accommodation charges may apply.

We require a reasonable time scale to carry out and complete the work beyond the initial agreed completion date, allowing for any alterations or delays in receiving frames, fabrics, etc.

Payment terms include a 50% deposit upon accepting the quote before work commences. The balance, including any extras, is payable upon receipt of the final invoice. Late payments will incur charges at the current rates, and after 30 days, we will take action to recover the outstanding balance.


In summary, we offer a range of services for stool tops, recoveries, and new bar seating for various establishments. Contract and sub-contract seating have specific terms and responsibilities. Please ensure compliance with fire regulations, and adhere to payment terms and schedules. For any inquiries or to discuss your project, feel free to reach out to us.